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Apart from being able to see where you are going, the fit of your boots is essential for an enjoyable days riding or skiing. Anyone who is a skier or snowboarder will know the frustration and annoyance a bad fitting pair of boots can cause. You spend a lot of money to be up on the mountain these days so you really want to make the most of your day.

Why not do yourself a favor and get it done right by the professionals. Whether its your current boots that need attention or you need new boots altogether, we can help and further more; WE GUARANTEE IT!


Step1:: Our expert boot-fitters will discuss your history and preferences with ski and snowboard boots, plus assess your level of riding.

Step 2: Our boot-fitter will examine the shape, size and bio-mechanics of your foot.

Step 3: We will select a range of boots for you to ensure the correct fit and amount of space in the boot.

Step 4: Time to try some stuff on! While we do this we identify if there are any problems and see what models and brands fits best on your feet.

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Step 5: Selecting the best boot for you and choosing a fitting option if needed.


Basic: If extra space is needed we will mold the boot to your feet and look at potential options for a pre-made insole.

Custom: Molding the boot liner and/or shell to your foot using various densities of foam to create a custom shape.

Creating a custom made insole to lock your foot to the correct position in the boot.

Deciding on the correct type of posting to match your needs with the foot-bed and discuss the option of extra insulation

We can then discuss stance and cuff alignment if needed.

Now go shred!

Custom fittings come with a 2 season comfort guarantee, if there are any issues on the hill, come in to store where we can assess the problem and modify the fit.

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